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Acupuncture at Kennett Square

Janine Wrzesniewski offers Acupuncture and Functional Nutrition in combination for the promotion of health and wellness.  Featuring Classical Five-Element Acupuncture as taught by Dr. J. R. Worsley and Nutrition as taught by many, including:  Paul Pitchford, Weston A. Price Foundation, Jerry Linnenkohl, and Gray Graham (NTA).


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Kennett Square Massage

Kennett Square Massage - offering a peaceful environment where you can Relax, Revive, and Rejuvenate at an affordable price

Metamorphosis Wellness Center

Metamorphosis is committed to providing the fertile environment for healing: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We teach our clients how to nurture their spirit, feed their soul, and listen to their body through classes and services especially designed to facilitate personal growth and positive change. Our goal is to assist each individual in the journey to their highest potential by unlocking their ability to thrive.